​​​​If you are unable to view the results of a completed evaluation form in the Results section o​​​f your To Do's, it is because one of the following restrictions has been set by the staff person who sent the form:

  1. You have outstanding forms that need to be completed.

  2. You have outstanding forms that need to be completed for this rotation. 

  3. You have completed all of your forms, both for the rotation in question as well as all outstanding forms, but the rotation itself still hasn't finished.  You will need to wait until the rotation dates are over in order to view the results of the evaluation(s) that have been completed on you.

To determine which reason is locking your result, hover your mouse over the lock icon and a tooltip will appear with the reason.​ You will be able to view the result once this condition is met.

How ​do I request that a result be manually unlocked so I can see it right now?

​This restriction can be removed to allow the result to be viewed immediately. To do so, contact the person who sent the form to you. Their name and email address is located on the far right of the locked result. This person will review your request.​