​​​Before a form's due-date arrives, a reminder email will be automatically sent to the person with the incomplete form. This is to improve the timely completion of assessment/evaluation forms and to decrease the effort required by staff to follow-up on incomplete forms. This is an additional feature which automates the reminder process for all departments who send evaluation/assessment forms through One45. There is no change to the existing feature in One45 for manually sending evaluation reminders. Manual reminders are still available for use and can be used in combination with this automated reminder feature.


Reminders are automatically emailed to the person who has been assigned a form to complete and it is still outstanding. The email message they receive uses a standardized message and subject, and includes some specifics about the form. The reminder email is sent 7 days before a form's close-date, and a final reminder is emailed 1 day before a form's close-date if still incomplete. The person who sent the form is also carbon-copied on the final reminder email. 

There is no action or setup necessary to use the automatic reminders. There is no opt-in or opt-out option. Automatic reminders are sent for all departments. It applies to manually-sent and automatically-sent forms.

Are there situations where an automatic email reminder will not be sent?

Automatic email reminders are not sent in cases where;

  • The name of the person who is completing the form is anonymous
  • The form does not have a close-date

Who is named as the sender of forms?

What does the email reminder message look like?

Here is an example of the email message which people receive: